Maybe you've just decided to become vegan, or you are new in town or just looking for new places to eat and explore. Luckily Melbourne is full of delicious, healthy and convenient vegan options, as long as you know where to look.

I’ve reviewed all my favourite vegan and raw food goodies in Melbourne (with a little help from my friends). Be warned, this list is very Jo-centric, dessert takes center stage, most of the places are in Fitzroy or the inner city, and it’s not a comprehensive guide by any means. It’s a just a collection of the places and dishes i love to eat, gathered in my 13 or so years of Melbourne Vegan living. The places i that i get excited about and tell my friends about, the kind of places where the food is so good, it makes you want to take out your phone and take a photo of the dish and most of all the places i’d want to know about if i was just starting out of this vegan eating journey...

Like where to go for brunch, the best sweet, savoury, and the cutest vegan places to eat out. Plus my favourite  breakfasty things to eat at home.

The best places for Lunch and dinner in Fitzroy, the Healthiest, For when you are really hungry, when you want to go somewhere with friends and some options when you are out with friends who eat meat.

Where to go for city lunches and late night munchies, and my favourite Japanese and Mexcian options.

For home cooking i’ve listed my favourite recipes, vegan blogs, cookbooks and places to shop.

Feel free to comment with your own favourite recipes, reviews and vegan insights- i’d love to hear from you!

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