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Grace Cafe website

76 Rose St Fitzroy (map)

Grace Cafe focuses on simple dishes made with love and kindness. There are lots of adorable little touches- like the tray my chai arrived on, a framed page from Alice in Wonderland describing the mad hatters tea party!

There are only a couple of vegan options, I got the baked mushrooms which were succulent and delicious, gingery and topped with crunchy toasted seeds. I could have also gone for avo on toast or got an adapted version of the salad. Super friendly service and lots of organic, free range ingredients- I felt very nurtured!


Rear/191 Smith St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 (map)

03 9419 2270

Breakfast Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, closed on Sunday (despite what other websites may tell you).

It's worth getting here early, as it's a teeny tiny little place, very comforting and nurturing once you are ensconced in your seat though. The breakfast menu is small, all classics done perfectly. I usually get the toast with avocado (worth going out for), it's usually a bit chunkier than the photo shown, like an avocado salad with basil, parsley, olive oil and tangy vinegar on sourdough. The porridge and baked beans can be made vegan on request and they stock crumbs vegan muffins. Beautiful supreme coffee and friendly service.

They also do an all dessert degustation on Thursday nights, but i'm not sure of it's vegan suitability.


De Clieu

187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 (map)

03 9416 4661

 Lunch and breakfast seven days

 Divine coffee and elegant lunch and breakfast options. The menu says no substitutions, but i've had no problems veganising dishes. Not a huge amount of options, but they are all delicious- I usually get toast with avocado and pickled chilli, but this orange, macadamia and pumpkin salad was great too. This is also the best place to see hipsters in their natural habitat.

Edit: Bad news vegans, I just found out the the multigrain bread that comes with the avocado contains egg! I've eaten it so many times (as I'd been told this dish was vegan without the fetta), I really hope that no one has been caught out after eating it after reading my review. I hate these nasty eating out surprises- and won't be eating here again any time soon.

Pearl Oyster

114 Miller St, Preston VIC 3072 (map)

(03) 9480 2500

Sitting at a vintage linoleum table in a backyard with a Japanese lantern tree draping itself above me... Bliss!!!

My little vintage tea plate holds my delicious as always mr nice guy cupcake complete with cherry on top. My soy latte is sensational!!

Pearl oyster is also more than happy to accommodate date vegan and gluten free peeps and has a mainly meat free menu with the inclusion of the meatless Monday menu with vegans specials. Pretty much most stuff on the normal menu can be made vegan as they have all the vegan substitutes ready and awaiting you in the kitchen mmmmmmm

Plus it's super cute inside and out as are the friendly staff.

You can get there by jumping off at Stop 37 on the 112 tram from the city and heading 10 seconds round the corner.

Open 7 days a week, 8.30-4.30, Sunday 9-4.30

Submitted by Jacqui Meow!

I just revisted Pearl Oyster and Mr Nice Guy cupcakes had been replaced with a beautiful vegan and raspberry coconut teacake- delish!

I also had a vegan interpritation of a Vietnamese roll- house smoked tofu, chilli pickled vegetables and mushroom pate- so tasty and refreshing to be able to order outside of the usual breakfast options.

Each Peach website

506 Lygon Street Brunswick East VIC 3057 (map)

(03) 9383 4529

Cutest brunch option- there is some meat on the menu too, but lots of vegan choices and mainly organic produce- i got a super tasty TLT (tempeh, lettuce, tomato) here, with homemade mayo and relish. The decor is adorable and service very friendly. (Jo)

Open Tues to Thurs 9am-4pm, Fri to Sun 9am-5pm

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Monk Bodhi Dharma website

202 Carlisle Street Balaclava VIC 3183 (map)

(03) 9534 7250

Monk Bodhi Dharma is a hidden treasure, a little warehouse tucked away behind the Coles carpark, filled with beautiful flowers, friendly staff, amazing coffee roasted onsite and some of Melbournes most innovative and delicious vegan eats. They have recently updated their menu- my previous favourite saffron french toast is gone- and replaced with gluten free buckwheat and apple pancakes with raw cinnamon ice cream! Their dishes manage to be both healthy and decadent, with both raw and hot, hearty options.

They focus on brunch and lunch, but also produce an amazing (mainly raw) dinner Friday nights. My advice- just get an entree so that you can make the most of their spectacular raw desserts! My favourite so far is the raw snickers bar- salted caramel, chocolate, peanuts nougat and fudgy chocolate ganache- all raw and sugar free!!

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