De Clieu

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 Lunch and breakfast seven days

 Divine coffee and elegant lunch and breakfast options. The menu says no substitutions, but i've had no problems veganising dishes. Not a huge amount of options, but they are all delicious- I usually get toast with avocado and pickled chilli, but this orange, macadamia and pumpkin salad was great too. This is also the best place to see hipsters in their natural habitat.

Edit: Bad news vegans, I just found out the the multigrain bread that comes with the avocado contains egg! I've eaten it so many times (as I'd been told this dish was vegan without the fetta), I really hope that no one has been caught out after eating it after reading my review. I hate these nasty eating out surprises- and won't be eating here again any time soon.

Update: last time I went I had an awesome felafel sandwich (reassuringly marked as vegan on menu), filled with deliciously moist and crispy pattys, homemade dip and dressed salad leaves.

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