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My favourite things here are the bakery goodies- there are usually a few different calzones to choose from, their own muffins and brownies and a wide range of Mister Nice Guy cupcakes. Their chocolate 'brownie cookies' are amazing and raise money for Edgars Mission, you can see the resuced farm animal portraits up on the wall. Las Vegans is also a community hub- they support (and organise) many animal rights events, there is always a friendly lounge room vibe. I've had some mixed results with the coffee and the mains- my lentil burger had way too much white rice in it for my taste, although they nailed the chips!

The breakfasts, baked goods and salads usually great though.

Open for lunch every day except Monday, for dinner Thursday-Saturday and dinner on the weekends.

Update: the cafe now has a fresher look and there is a little vegan shoe store in the back room!

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