Open for lunch Monday- Saturday

Loved their decor- imagine 5Os futurism in plywood meets lounge room comfort, cosy booths and a very stylish Jetson's style display case. All the food is laid out and ready to choose- lots of salad selections (about 10), including hearty ones with tofu and noodles. There are also a few hot dishes (the cubes of deep fried polenta were especially good), most dishes were vegan. You just choose a plate size and load it up. I love a jumble of flavours, colours and cultures on one plate, and i'm usually curious to try as many dishes as i can, so this approach was great for me. It's more home style healthy comfort food, rather than artful presentation and pure flavours (although I guess you could always just try a single dish- rather than the maximum amount that fits in the bowl like i did).

It's a great place to hang out for a leisurely lunch and chat, although while I loved my warm lemon and coconut cake, i'll get coffee somewhere else next time (it was just ok).


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