Pearl Oyster

pearl oyster2

Sitting at a vintage linoleum table in a backyard with a Japanese lantern tree draping itself above me... Bliss!!!

My little vintage tea plate holds my delicious as always mr nice guy cupcake complete with cherry on top. My soy latte is sensational!!

Pearl oyster is also more than happy to accommodate date vegan and gluten free peeps and has a mainly meat free menu with the inclusion of the meatless Monday menu with vegans specials. Pretty much most stuff on the normal menu can be made vegan as they have all the vegan substitutes ready and awaiting you in the kitchen mmmmmmm

Plus it's super cute inside and out as are the friendly staff.

You can get there by jumping off at Stop 37 on the 112 tram from the city and heading 10 seconds round the corner.

Open 7 days a week, 8.30-4.30, Sunday 9-4.30

Submitted by Jacqui Meow!

I just revisted Pearl Oyster and Mr Nice Guy cupcakes had been replaced with a beautiful vegan and raspberry coconut teacake- delish!

I also had a vegan interpritation of a Vietnamese roll- house smoked tofu, chilli pickled vegetables and mushroom pate- so tasty and refreshing to be able to order outside of the usual breakfast options.

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